Sunday, September 21, 2008

Effective = Marketing Connection x2

Welcome to the: Effective = Marketing Connection x2

Whether you are just starting your business or are a growing one, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing team can help you enhance your internet presence to increase your income. We provide one on one coaching that will train you how to increase the effectiveness of your business by teaching you how to use all the necessary internet marketing tools. While we do offer to perform the marketing of your website for you, training can provide you the essentials that will enable you to eliminate the substantial costs in the future.

The key in advertising and successful marketing is always visibility. By implementing proven SEO techniques, your website will climb high on many search engine rankings pages thus increasing your visibility. There are many ways to increase your presence on the web and our team will gladly teach you each & every one of those methods.

In order to begin training, we will need to evaluate your website and discuss your goals with you. Our SEO marketing team will then analyze your website to determine its current standings amongst similar websites. We will then provide you with a full report of our findings which will include: Search Engine Ranking, ease of use of actual website, keyword strength, etc.

The report itself will take several hours to complete, but the cost is worth it. Once we know how your website compares to others, we can determine an effective marketing strategy. We will teach you how to incorporate that strategy and to monitor it on a daily basis to ensure prominent ranking status on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN.

If you choose, we can also teach you how to optimize Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising techniques using such major keyword search engines as Google Adwords & Yahoo Search Marketing. PPC advertising can be a very inexpensive way to generate revenue from your online website, as low as five cents per click. By spending a small amount on those key phrases relevant to your target market, you will quickly begin to ensure more users go to your website for the services/products you offer. When a user types in phrases on a search engine that matches your keywords then your advertisement will by displayed as a sponsored advertisement (there’s that visibility!).

Coaching provides you with the actual means in to increase your websites presence through SEO marketing. SEO marketing is free from the charges that you would incur through PPC advertising and can be far more effective. While scheduled coaching is provided to you at a feasible rate, we are also always available by email or an online discussion forum to answer your immediate questions. Call us at 440-945-6117.

Analysis & Report - $1000
Coaching - $200 per hour

Online Discussion Forum – Minimal Fee per discussion (Note: This is not intended as a one-on-one coaching facility, it is merely for quick questions & concerns. If the representative feels that you are abusing that privilege or that you need to speak with a Coaching Representative, then he or she will discuss with you available coaching times.)

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