Saturday, September 13, 2008

SEO Marketing Coach

SEO Marketing Coach

There are many ways McIntyre Media can utilize web site optimization to help you coach your Cleveland area business. Here is a listing of our services:

* Business and target market analysis*
* Optimize keywords/phases
* Website impact analysis
* Competitor analysis
* Baseline ranking report
* Free web analytics (through customer hosting)
* Paid links management*
* Online PR/links building campaign development
* Continuous monthly updates, program refinement
* Monthly meetings, calls
* Establish program goals

We can also design landing pages for all of your SEO marketing campaigns. We can create standard graphical landing pages or spice it up by creating video or flash landing pages.

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jai matt said...

very nice way for seo marketing. optimize keywords/phases is very effective way to web site promotion.its very helpful to increase the ranking and traffic on your site.